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Poly Zhongke innovation Plaza Project

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The first science and technology innovation industry complex in the west of Jinan, which is jointly invested by the central enterprise poly and the Chinese Academy of science and technology, will be an important science and technology innovation and creative R & D base in Jinan. The park plans, constructs and operates in accordance with the systematic development idea of "community, specialization and industrialization" to create the different growth of small and medium-sized science and technology enterprises The incubation ecological environment for the demand of innovation and entrepreneurship services in the stage can effectively improve the incubation success rate of small and medium-sized technology enterprises and the efficiency of incubation services; it is located at the intersection of the North-South landscape axis and the East-West business axis in the overall planning of the West Railway Station area; the North side of the project is close to the science and Technology Museum, about 800 meters away from the third Museum and the Grand Theater; the east side is 2 kilometers away from Jinan International Convention and Exhibition Center, the No.1 in Jinan City Five people's hospitals, Jinan children's Hospital, Shandong cancer hospital and West Hospital of provincial hospital

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