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Xinyu Evergrande emerald court

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Xinyu Evergrande emerald Huating is a great achievement of Evergrande group with more than 20 years of architectural experience. It has been working in Xinyu for more than 10 years, making the third layout. It covers an area of about 166.56 Mu and a total construction area of about 380000 m2. The project has about 8300 ㎡ Evergrande film city, about 2000 ㎡ Jingying kindergarten, about 20000 ㎡ bright business, about 3610 ㎡ outdoor sports and leisure facilities and other all-around living facilities. The new 9A decoration standard is upgraded, the broad view high-rise building and garden yard are built, the national first-class qualification material management is employed, and the new model of villa area is created with ingenuity! Surrounding facilities: there are large-scale shopping malls, Xiyingmen Fancheng, high tech No.1 middle school, high tech No.4 primary school and Huyue school (planned) close to education, and Xinyu people's hospital. The project itself has Evergrande film city, Jingying kindergarten, bright business, outdoor sports and leisure facilities and other all-round living facilities.