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Zhaotong planning model

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It is majestic and mysterious. The concept of "one city, three districts, several towns, integration of industry and city, urban and rural integration" coordinates the relationship among the five elements of "mountain, water, city, field and garden". Zhaoyang District is the city's political, economic and cultural center, and plans to build a comprehensive service area integrating business services, regional business distribution, tourism services and residential life functions. Ludian district is planned to become a green and healthy city with modern logistics, plateau featured green food processing and leisure and health care functions. Based on the advanced concept of xiong'an new area, Jing'an District plans to rely on hydropower aluminum and polysilicon projects to undertake the relocation of people for poverty alleviation and supporting industrial services, so as to form a new area with landscape and pastoral characteristics that leads the development of the north and integrates green industry, livable life, public service, cultural characteristics and rural scenery. The green space system is placed on the ecological base to build a green space system of multi-level public green space + Forest Park + rural scenery + green corridor + Apple ecology and rural complex.