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Shanghai Luming Model Design Co., Ltd. is pleased to move to a new company

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On November 3, 2019, Shanghai Luming Model Design Co., Ltd. settled in No. 8, Hengyong Road, Jiading District, Shanghai due to the company's business development needs. The relocation of the company will bring a qualitative leap to the strategic development of the company, which is a new start. We will turn a new page and believe that the new starting point will bring us a new journey at a higher level. At 10:10, the relocation ceremony of Shanghai Luming Model Design Co., Ltd. officially began.
All employees are ready to meet the challenges in the future with a new look, and sincerely wish the company's business to prosper! Look at the present, we are full of pride and ambition to show the future. At the time of the company's relocation, I'd like to thank our customers who have supported and affirmed us for a long time and our long-term partners from all over the country. I hope we can make progress together without forgetting our original intention and build a dream.
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