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Yujingfeng, Wuyi Mountain

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Yujingfeng combines the beauty of oriental architecture to create a new Chinese-style landscape residential destination. The project is located in Gaosu Ban, Wuyi Avenue, the core area of Wuyi Mountain Higher Education Park, covering more than 180 mu, with a total construction area of 150,000 square meters. It is planned to have hardbound apartments, luxury courtyards and villas, and build a rare ecological low-density Garden residential area in Wuyi Mountain. Small high-rise, villas stand along the stream, along the stream trestle road, Lake corridor and the new Chinese-style cultural landscape group, the East architecture is highlighted. Described by the beautiful wind and bones of the mountains and the winding of the streams, the Oriental landscape culture of Yujingfeng is naturally formed, which establishes the ideal of living in the city of Wuyi Mountain.
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