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The Light of Hengcheng City, Nanchang

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The light of Hengda era in Nanchang covers an area of about 129 mu, with a total building area of about 300,000 square meters. The project seamlessly docks with Kongmuhu Station of Line 1, a fast artery of the first ring line, surrounded by six big cities such as Ganjiang University Town, Kongmuhu Park, Universal Park and Ganjiang Civic Park. The bustling business circles such as Honggutan Wanda Square and 303 Twin Towers are accessible and convenient. They are supported by customized metropolises such as Hengda Film City, Mall, Style Business Street and Starlight Hui Club.
The total number of households in the project is 1231. Eight aesthetic garden landscapes are planned, 113-153 courtyard overlapping villas, 102-148 Yuejing High Hall, eight comfortable science and technology systems such as floor heating, air conditioning, fresh air haze removal, solar water heater, noise reduction and so on are enjoyed to build a low-density fine villa area in the heart of the city.
The 113-153 courtyard overlapping villas design three-dimensional space dimension, overlapping multi-functional activity hall, overlapping garden terrace, large-scale private courtyard. There is a world, separation of movement and quiet, life has a degree of progress and retreat! uuuuuuuuuu Three to four bays facing south, super large daylighting area, brand elevators multiple entries, rare guests and hosts Sanwei, let the respect of privacy upgrade again! uuuuuuuuuuu 102-148 Siyuejing High Hall enjoys three rooms facing south and two balconies facing north and South privately enjoying sunshine and breeze. The three-bedroom large floating window blends picturesque scenery and hides a bit of elegance and interest in life. Respect the master bedroom, cloakroom delicate space, achievement of a school of graceful demeanor!
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