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Hundred pulse Yue Mansion

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Baimai Yuefu project is jointly built by four developers: Vanke, Poly, Yuexiu and Haixin. The total planning area is about 570,000 square meters. The total planning area is 2970 households (2680 high-rise and small high-rise households, 290 overlapping households). The volume ratio is 2.0 (ultra-low volume ratio brings you excellent luxurious living experience). The greening rate is 30%. The planning consists of 32 18-26-storey small high-rise, high-rise and 16 5-storey villas. The household area is mainly composed of three or four rooms with 100-170 square meters. The design of one ladder, two households and two ladders and four households follows the planning principle of wide area as a whole. It is one of the benchmarking projects of luxury houses in Zhangqiu market.
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