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Xinyu Evergrande emerald court

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Xinyu Evergrande City
Xinyu Evergrande city is located at the south side of Xianlai Avenue, the main road of Xinyu City, which is 5 minutes to the bustling urban life circle. The project covers a total area of nearly 170 mu, with a total construction area of about 340000 m2.
The greening rate of Xinyu Evergrande city is as high as 48%. It integrates residence, sports, entertainment and commerce, and creates a top class ecological luxury residential community with the help of international masters. It is adjacent to Yangtiangang National Forest Park, with a total area of 60000 mu of urban ecological green lung. The natural environment
The sky is thick. European neoclassical architecture, noble and elegant, has become a model of beauty. World class royal garden, private enjoyment of 10000 ㎡ central great lake, six Royal groups, create the charm of European Court; international aircraft carrier supporting, sitting in 5000 ㎡ platinum class luxury club, 15000 ㎡ European style business street, 2000 ㎡ international bilingual kindergarten, private constant temperature swimming pool, international standard tennis court, collection of celebrities' life field; full house famous brand 9A hardcover, performance of luxury National first-class property management splendor property, 24-hour all-weather British butler service, highlighting the noble glory.
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