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Huai'an elegant residence, Fuchun Mountain Residence

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Yajule · Fuchun Mountain Residence "is jointly built by Yajule group, one of the top 20 real estate companies in China, and Jiangsu Zhongnong group. It is located at the intersection of Yingbin Avenue and Hantai Road, opposite to the overseas students' entrepreneurship Park. The project is a high-end product of Yajule group, which consists of 6 landscape hardbound high-rise buildings, 1 apartment building and 3 commercial buildings, and the hardbound delivery of high-rise residential products. The construction area of the project is about 180000 square meters, the greening rate is 25%, and the 50 meter super building space is built to create a quality residential area with integrated urban landscape, complete supporting facilities and green ecology. It is also the first quality residential area committed to quality life in Huai'an development zone. In 2018, Yaju, a 100 billion real estate enterprise, entered the national economic development zone with its benchmark product, fuchunshanju, which has been collected for 27 years.
Under the dual support of the city core fertile soil and mellow supporting facilities, what Yajule Fuchun mountain residence should do is to match all these excellent resources and preface the new cover of urban human settlements.
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