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Changting Yipin International

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Hongdi Yipin international is located on the Bank of the Ting River, Changting's mother river. It is surrounded by water on both sides. Datong Road, Jiangbin Road, Beishou road and other main roads are crisscross. It is adjacent to Lijing City, Shuian garden, Tingjiang pearl, Repulse Bay, and other medium and high-end residential areas. It has abundant educational resources and is only one street away from Longyu middle school The hospital, maternal and child health care hospital and other medical facilities enjoy nearly half of Changting's demographic dividend. With the trend of the times, Changting's core is set. The completion of the project will become the first urban complex in Changting and become a landmark building in the city, which can not only improve the quality of life of the surrounding residents, but also drive the surrounding business atmosphere. In addition to attracting the surrounding people, the project can attract the people of the whole city to come here to enjoy all-round shopping demand and leisure entertainment.

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