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Hisense Caizhi Valley

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Hisense · Caizhi Valley is located at No.88 Zhuzhou Road, Laoshan District. It is positioned as a smart ecological office. It is a masterpiece of Hisense real estate business upgrading in 2020. It is located in jinjialing financial service zone and national (Qingdao) Communication Industrial Park, namely financial & technology dual core business zone. In jinjialing business circle, the surrounding strongholds, banks, commerce, finance, exhibition, resources, etc. gather, and the business efficiency is high. The total construction area of the two office buildings is about 53600 m2, and the total floor height is 17 floors. The first floor is planned to be the bottom floor, and the 2-17 floors are office buildings. The standard floor area of the two office buildings is about 1600 m2 and the floor height is 3.8 meters. The first building is owned by Hisense real estate and is for external rent, with an area of 105-1600 m2; the second building is for external sale, with an area of 500-1600 m2.

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