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Hongdi Yuelan court

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Hongdi yuelanting, who is well versed in the life yearning of urban elites, chooses the location of the quiet environment in the heart of the city, faces the river on the front line and overlooks the scenery from house to house. With the integration of nature and the city, it has achieved an ecological and livable habitat along the river. Shine on the flowers near the water, hold the moon in the water, and perch leisurely on the pure and quiet water bank. Hongdi yuelanting, located on the precious vein of the city core, is built by the riverside, enjoying the charm of the water town in the south of the Yangtze River. Hongdi yuelanting adopts modern luxurious and elegant architectural style, integrates simple and exquisite architectural vocabulary, vividly deduces the architectural aesthetics of an era with aluminum facade, straight lines and exquisite proportion, and proudly leads the new fashion of cover residence. The project creatively creates a five entry ritual garden of "honor courtyard, quiet environment rest and reception hall, 0-12-year-old children's dream space, new oxygen fitness and Zen Cherry Blossom forest", as well as interactive landscape spaces such as infant enlightenment paradise & children's early education paradise, overhead floor, badminton court and sports fitness playground, so as to place happy daily life for owners of all ages.

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