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Zhonghai Fuhuali

honghai Fuhuali, the only commercial block next to the main entrance of the scenic spot, with a construction area of about 10-84 m2, is in hot sale. The project is only about 35 meters away from the lake area, occupying the core landscape resources; It is close to 800000 ㎡ business cluster in the west, radiating nearly 300000 resident population and about 50000 business people in the area; There are 7 schools around, about 30000 teachers, students and parents, and about 4 million tourists in Huashan Scenic spot every year, driving the consumption of the block.

The block is about 24000 square meters. It is planned to have one floor underground, one to two floors above the ground are commercial blocks, and three to four floors are single family commercial villas overlooking the lake. All shops are equipped with flues. Fuhuali is under the unified investment promotion, operation and management of China shipping, creating a 7x24 hour night economic trend block.

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U by Zhonghai Lake+

    You + by Zhonghai lake belongs to one of Zhonghai huashanlong City plots. Zhonghai huashanlong city project is located in Licheng District of Jinan, adjacent to the Second Ring Road East. It is located in the center of the whole project, covering an area of 70000 square meters and building area of 270000 square meters. Huashan historical and Cultural Park, with 4000 mu of Huashan lake and 6.7 square kilometers, is an apartment project in Jinan. At the bottom of the project is a 50000 square meter self-supporting commercial huanyuhui, and the surrounding area is a residential area with 20000 households and about 100000 people. There are mature population groups around the project. Jinyu Avenue, Guanghua Avenue and Quehua Avenue SANHENG, Erhuan East Road, OTI West Road and middle Olympic road construct the smooth surface road traffic of you + by the lake. In addition, there is a planned Metro Line M4 station (Huashan station) several hundred meters away from the project, turning southwest into the main urban area of Jinan, and eastward leading to Xindong station, along which you can transfer to the loop line. At this point, you + by Zhonghai lake, which has out of print mountain and lake resources, will be officially launched!

Hisense Caizhi Valley

Hisense · Caizhi Valley is located at No.88 Zhuzhou Road, Laoshan District. It is positioned as a smart ecological office. It is a masterpiece of Hisense real estate business upgrading in 2020. It is located in jinjialing financial service zone and national (Qingdao) Communication Industrial Park, namely financial & technology dual core business zone. In jinjialing business circle, the surrounding strongholds, banks, commerce, finance, exhibition, resources, etc. gather, and the business efficiency is high. The total construction area of the two office buildings is about 53600 m2, and the total floor height is 17 floors. The first floor is planned to be the bottom floor, and the 2-17 floors are office buildings. The standard floor area of the two office buildings is about 1600 m2 and the floor height is 3.8 meters. The first building is owned by Hisense real estate and is for external rent, with an area of 105-1600 m2; the second building is for external sale, with an area of 500-1600 m2.

Olympic Sports International

The project covers a total area of 20 mu, with a total construction area of 49600 square meters. There are 16 floors in total. The commercial and entrance hall on the first floor and the first-class high-end banquet center on the second and third floors are planned to be built by the same team as Tangchen Yipin of Wenzhou Convention and Exhibition Center, which is more high-end and belongs to the upgraded version of Tangchen Yipin of Wenzhou. The rooms on the fourth and seventh floors are planned to be hotel rooms, and the loft apartments on the eighth and sixteenth floors are planned to be about 45-70 m2, with a floor height of about 4.8 meters.

Changting Yipin International

Hongdi Yipin international is located on the Bank of the Ting River, Changting's mother river. It is surrounded by water on both sides. Datong Road, Jiangbin Road, Beishou road and other main roads are crisscross. It is adjacent to Lijing City, Shuian garden, Tingjiang pearl, Repulse Bay, and other medium and high-end residential areas. It has abundant educational resources and is only one street away from Longyu middle school The hospital, maternal and child health care hospital and other medical facilities enjoy nearly half of Changting's demographic dividend. With the trend of the times, Changting's core is set. The completion of the project will become the first urban complex in Changting and become a landmark building in the city, which can not only improve the quality of life of the surrounding residents, but also drive the surrounding business atmosphere. In addition to attracting the surrounding people, the project can attract the people of the whole city to come here to enjoy all-round shopping demand and leisure entertainment.

Tan Gong Hall

TempoTanmansion,thefirstlargeapartmentbuildingoflocaldeveloperinBoxHill,thelargestChineseDistrictinMelbourne,isdevelopedandconstructedbymAbgroup,oneofthesevenlargestdevelopersinAustralia.Uptonow,mAbgrouphasdevelopednearly3000high-qualityresidentialapartmentsinAustralia;inaddition,therearenearly1500underdevelopment.Apartmentsinthequaysportcity,Docklandsarea,MelbournearealldevelopedandconstructedbymAb.ThefamousMelbournenetred"pineapplebuilding"isalsomadebythisdeveloper.  ShanghaiLumingModelDesignCo.,Ltd.sandtablemodelmakingdigitaltechnologymodelofShanghaimodelcompany
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