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Evergreen jade court, Shangrao

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Evergreen jade court, Hengda, Shangrao. Located in the middle of Sanjiang New Area, the three main urban roads, Shangrao Avenue, Zhimin Avenue and Yeting Avenue, meet and pass. The planned LRT Line 2 will be enjoyed as soon as it goes out. It covers an area of about 288 thousand square meters, covering a wide view of high-rise buildings and a family villa. The community enjoys about 1800_platinum clubs, about 7800_street-side commercial streets and about 1800_bilingual kindergartens. It enjoys 70,000_European gardens and about 2300_ecological lakes. Special new wind and haze removal and intelligent security system, Seiko cast Hua Zhai. Hengda jade court, to create a new benchmark for Rao City Habitat.
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