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Case study


Hongdi riverside seal

Hongdi · Binjiang printing mansion's advantages in product and planning. The project is located next to Shimao Yunsong community. The sand table is arranged in the upper North, lower south, left West and right east. Our current location (Marketing Center) is in the southeast of the project (pointed out by the laser pen). The project covers a total area of about 100 mu, with a total construction area of about 210000 m2 and a plot ratio of 2.5. It is planned to be developed in two phases. The project consists of 20 small high-rise residential buildings and 1 commercial street. There are 1584 housing units (1390 in large plot and 194 in small plot) with two to four rooms of 72-125 m2. There are 51 shops in total. A total of 1505 saleable motor parking spaces are set up in the community, and the parking space ratio is about 1:0.95.

Hongdi Jiujin Fenghua

Inheriting the oriental traditional culture and integrating the modern minimalist aesthetics, Jiujin Fenghua is a symbol of the international luxury house with its simple and clear design. With the help of landscape elements, the landscape designers use sand, rockery and flowing water to lay out the artistic conception, use nine brocade system to outline the moving line of the famous family's return home, create the mood of scenery step by step, and build two products of villa high-rise and mirror courtyard with exquisite craftsmanship, presenting the reputation of Long'ao.

Haiyan Evergrande riverside left bank

On the left bank of Haiyan Evergrande riverside, the project is located in the core residential area of Binhai New Town, Haiyan County, with panjiabang road in the north, Chuangye road in the south, xinchenghe in the West and Mingzhu road in the East. The total area of the project is 83400 square meters, the building area is about 170000 square meters, and the plot ratio is only 2.1. The total number of planned residential households is about 1665. The whole project is composed of 18 high-rise buildings with 15-26 floors, one club and two commercial buildings. The area ranges from 76 to 123 square meters, and the house types cover two warm rooms, three comfortable rooms and three luxurious rooms.

Ye Yu Academy

    The project is located in the east of qingjiangpu District, at the intersection of Zhuhai Road and Guiyang road. The north side of the project is close to shuidukou Avenue, which is an east-west trunk road running through Huai'an City. Drive along shuidukou avenue to Wanda and Xinya, connecting the main urban area of Huai'an and Lianshui. The south side of the project is Shenzhen road, which is located in the RT Mart Business District of the development zone.

Haiyan Hengda huihuating

HENGDU huihuating is located at the intersection of Xinqiao North Road and Haixing East Road, with a total floor area of about 43000 square meters and a total building area of about 77800 square meters. The community consists of 10 15-17 storey high-rise residential buildings, one platinum club and one Xiangxie Liyan style commercial street. The plot ratio of the project is 1.8, the greening rate is about 30%, the total number of planned households is 652, and the residential products range from 80 m2 to 138 m2, including exquisite two room, comfortable three room and wide view four room.

Zhonghai Jiuyue Mansion

Jiuyuefu project is located in one of the few high-quality plots in Shanyang of Huashan, at the intersection of Luokou business district and Beiyuan business district, close to 100000 square meters of commercial supporting facilities, including catering, shopping, leisure, entertainment and other supporting facilities, to meet the needs of the owners; adjacent to 75 mu of medical supporting facilities, nearly half of the scale of Qianfo Mountain hospital, it truly guarantees the health of the project owners and residents in the area 24 hours Escort: four public kindergartens, two primary schools and one junior high school are built in the area. Seven schools enjoy 43% of the educational resources of the project, close to Huashan Park, South Woniushan sports park and North Woniushan address Park, integrating sightseeing, sports and recreation.
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