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Yancheng Zhongnan Xi Yue

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Xiyue, located in Hedong Tinghu New Area, is another core development area of the government after Chengnan. It has great potential in the future. It is also a benchmark work of Zhongnan in the eastern part of the city. It covers an area of 36,700 square meters, with a building area of 66,000 square meters, a volume ratio of 1.8 and a green space ratio of 40%. The total number of households is 543, which is composed of 6 garden houses and 6 fine-decorated small and high-rise buildings. The product area is mainly 89-142_.
Secondly, Zhongnan Century City has been optimized and upgraded in its products, and matched with the whole house intelligent system launched by Zhongnan in the whole country to create a healthy and intelligent high-tech future community. New Asian architectural style is adopted, Asian elements are embedded in modern architectural language, traditional artistic conception and modern style are applied symmetrically, while paying attention to the comfort of modern life, Asian traditional culture can be inherited and developed.
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