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Ji'nan Zhonghai Huashan Long City

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Zhonghai Long Bank is located in Shanxi, China. It extends from west to East Second Ring Road, Licheng District, Jinan City, east to west of Huanhu Road, north to south to planned road. The project is only 3 kilometers from Hongjia building, one of the three major business circles in Ji'nan, and the main entrance of Huashan park. The project covers an area of about 180,000 square meters, with a total construction area of about 510,000 square meters (including about 410,000 square meters above ground and 100,000 square meters below ground). The planned housing is 11 storey high and high level with a floor area ratio of 2.31.
Longan is located in the West core of Zhonghai Huashan Project. It is situated in the west of 600,000 square business district and East Second Ring Road Expressway elevated road network. It is adjacent to Wanmu Wetland Park - Huashan Lake Wetland Park in the East and Xiaoqing River Scenic Belt in the south. It has complete supporting facilities around the plot. It has a unique geographical location, no need to go far, and flourishing near the door.
Long Bank is a high-rise and small high-rise hardbound product, with an area of 95-165_, dedicated to creating a real sense of high-quality mountain and Lake City hardbound beautiful house.
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