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Xiang Sheng Road, state guest house

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Xiangsheng Gubin House, located in the core of Taizhou, is located on the east side of the main road of urban development, seamlessly linking the traffic of the whole city. Century Square, Taizhou International Hotel, Starlight, Yintai City, Taizhou World Trade Center and other business essence, a grand opening of the future CBD life of the city!
Xiangsheng Gubin House, which studies the contemporary needs of road and bridge, with the new Asian architectural style of blending China and the West, has a total floor area of about 310,000 square houses, covering high-rise, empty stacks, row houses and other product forms, and co-authored the elegance of Xiangsheng House Department. Private kindergarten, business and other supporting complete, alcohol life, prosperous enjoy!
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