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Laos Vientiane PhaThatLuang Lake New World

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PhaThatLuang Lake Xintiandi is located between the East and West urban areas of Vientiane, Laos, enjoying the superior transportation resources such as expressways, high-speed railways and airports. It will become a bright pearl in Vientiane, Laos and even Southeast Asia under the background of the development strategy of "one belt and one road" in China.
Located at the core of the future city, the base will not only be the driving force for the development of the whole city, but also become a landmark new city in Southeast Asia, which integrates ecological livability, leisure and entertainment, finance and commerce. The overall function orientation of the base road network is: municipal road system, which mainly focuses on internal traffic services and takes into account the functions of the urban road network.
This case makes full use of the road resources in the surrounding urban areas, increases the transit channels, optimizes the internal road network, vigorously develops public transport, and establishes a sound traffic information system and a scientific green letter system. Here is the splendid Zhanba flower, here is the once-affectionate Taluo Lake, which is the beginning of a better future and the cradle of dreams.
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